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 Get 10% Discount and Faster Service with WISE/Revolut Payments 

 Are you ready to supercharge your order experience? Pay directly with WISE or Revolut and enjoy a host of benefits. 

 Why WISE/Revolut Payments?

 We understand that time is precious. To enhance your experience and streamline the payment process, we're offering a 10% discount for those who choose to pay directly with WISE or Revolut. Say goodbye to delays in PayPal transactions and enjoy new advantages.

Benefits You'll Get:


  1. 10% Discount: Pay 10% less than your order value when you choose WISE or Revolut.
  2. Faster Order Processing: Experience quicker turnaround times as we expedite your order.
  3. No Fees: We'll cover the transaction fees, ensuring you get the full value of your purchase.
  4. Personalized Care: Opt for manual order management, including drip-feed scheduling. Tailor your order delivery to suit your needs.

How it works


  1. Contact us and write what service you want to buy, your link and email.
  2. We'll deduct your 10% discount and tell you the final order value. 
  3. Make the transaction.
  4. Enjoy faster results!

Place the order

In Subject write WISE or Revolut. 

In Name write anything you want. 

In Email write an email address where we should send you order updates.

In the Message field write  what service you want to buy, quantity and your link. 

Example: "I want 50 Exclusive Instagram Followers for $3.93, link: instagram.com/@easysmm"

For additional questions:

Email: easysmmcompany@gmail.com

Chat directly with Tina